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CPA Nation helps delivers a highly profitable revenue stream by leveraging our massive advertiser base and maximize profits generated with your advertising inventory. Since 2003, online advertisers have depended on the CPA Nation affiliate network to deliver profitable CPA Advertising from a variety of web sites, search portals, newsletters and contextual publishers. CPA Nation aids online publishers in yielding the highest level of ROI by matching the right publishers with the right advertisers and the best creative.

Scalable Solutions

For publishers, CPA Nation delivers the technology which will self optimize based on eCPM which eliminates the need for testing different creative units. One piece of ad code will determine the right creative for each page on your site allowing you the time to focus on counting your money rather than figuring out how to earn it. Statistics are delivered on demand in real time so that you know immediately how much revenue you’ve generated and how.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our professional affiliate managers understand how to target offers to the right Publishers to ensure the best campaign results. We constantly monitor the campaigns and help advertisers to understand how to make their offers more attractive and more widely distributed. As an active publisher you are assigned a team of managers which help you to find the right offers, maximize earnings and give you the support you need to grow your business. If you want to win at everything you do then you have the team dedicated to ensure it.

Superior technology

Our superior online tracking, analytics and fraud protection are game changers. Want to know what offer works best for affiliates like you? Our team is well versed in what campaigns & creatives will work for you. You want a network that is easy to use so you can focus on driving traffic and earning money our technology will optimize based on past performance and predict future success.


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This is no joke; don’t waste my time or yours! If you have any intentions on using fraudulent tactics do not waste your time. You will lose in the end. For as much effort that is put in to trying to “beat the system” you could have used that know how to create a legitimate business. You commit fraud you will not pass go, you will not be paid and we will make every effort to notify every other affiliate network, client and web user aware of your actions – oh and you will be reported to federal authorities.

As a leader in performance-based marketing, CPA Nation takes great care to ensure the quality of the publishers in our network. We take internet marketing compliance seriously and we have zero tolerance for fraudulent or illicit activity. To maintain this level of quality, we screen each and every publisher application rigorously.

It is vital that you provide all prerequisite information accurately. Failure to do so will cause your application to be delayed or denied.
Please also note that you will be contacted via telephone, email and postal mail to verify that all information is true an accurate. If we cannot reach you or your phone number is not valid, your application will be denied. We spot check leads, sales, track ip’s, conversion rates and a few other things we won’t disclose to ensure that every action is legitimate.

Given the high volume of new applications we receive every day, processing can take up-to 5 business days provided that the information provided is complete and accurate. If information is not complete and additional follow-up is required, your application could be delayed further. Therefore, we strongly urge you to read the application instructions carefully.

Apply to become a member of our affiliate network for publishers. We will review your application and contact you if your publishers application is successful.

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Latest News

CPA Nation now has over 500 active affiliates. This has allowed us to expand into the international markets with strong traffic driving capabilities to Canada, Australia and the UK.

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We are currently hiring following experienced:

- Affiliate Managers, - Production Specialists, - Client Services Representatives

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Working with CPA Nation has allowed me to grow my business without the risks associated with traditional forms of marketing.